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We empower organizations to achieve desired results, thrive, and have more fun with a cohesive team and effective leadership that creates an organizational culture that is unstoppable!


How We Serve:

Team Building

Organizations rely on strong teams to work together effectively to achieve results. But often, a team’s success is hindered by dysfunctional behavior, a lack of trust, poor communication, or an inability to address disagreement.  Our Life Code Facilitators can guide your team around potential pitfalls and towards effective results based on the specific needs of your team and the desired outcomes to be achieved.

Leaders of organizations today face the greatest challenge ever faced by leaders  - to create their own authentic leadership style. We believe leadership transformation begins with personal awareness and responsibility;  today’s leaders need to reach inside themselves to discover their own unique and authentic style of leadership.  We help create an understanding of individual's leadership styles and areas of growth.

Leadership Development

Self-Awareness Profiles

Self-awareness is the first step to shaping your beliefs and behaviors. Knowing your innate strengths and aligning them with a healthy vision is a powerful strategy that will increase your confidence, energy, and performance. Seeing how your style and preferences map against others gives insight where you might want to adjust your style to be more effective, and how you could adapt to communicate with others in the style they prefer

Home Service

The Life Code Team:

Luis Lopez

Educational Leader

Curriculum Innovator

Master Facilitator

Rich Brocchini

2X Best Selling Author


Thought Leader


The Life Code Team was very effective in helping to enhance our organization culture in a positive way that continues to help us thrive and grow.

Ali Horuz, Founder and CEO, VIP Pedicab

Rich and Luis provided us with an  impactful experience. We look forward in working with them again.

Jason Stewart, Founder and CEO, Epic Fighting MMA

"I believe in making dreams come true. Like you, I continuously need support, direction and encouragement from people I respect to help me make my dreams come true. Life Code Consulting is the team I most admire who have perfected the ‘Hot Seat’ --- a generous and gifted entrepreneurs who listened from their hearts, understood my dream and gave me the guidance I needed to help me launch our One Billion Dreams global campaign. Strap on your seat belt, you’re no longer alone."

Helice Bridges- Sparky, Founder and CEO, Difference Makers International

Of all the experience we've accumulated over the years, the number of books, seminars, and education. Nothing compared to the genuine and useful feedback from the Life Code group. It was a game changer. The Life Code Team gave us the tools to elevate our business to a New and improved level. Our energy level, our motivation, and our spirits have been re-ignited.
It's been about six months since we worked with the Life Code Team, and our growth has only opened so many doors to so many opportunities. They showed us the light; they showed us the light that we first saw when we first started.

Frank Luna, Founder and CEO, thChrch




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