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The Life Code Team™

The Life Code Team™ has collectively consulted, coached and mentored community leaders, corporations, educational institutions, start-ups, and non-profits; a few of which have been featured on CNN and Oprah. The Life Code Team are certified consultants with DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and have an extensive servant based background: a fire chief officer and educational leader. They have all founded successful businesses. With the success that Richard and Luis have had as entrepreneurs, Life Code Consulting became a reality. Life Code Consulting was founded out of the elite and invite only Epic Mastermind Group™. Their approach focuses on serving, Impact and a quality experience. Be part of the Life Code Experience™ and take your organization to the next level.

Richard Brocchini

2X Best Selling Author, Firefighterpreneur, Thought Leader

Richard is a two-time best selling and award-winning author in the areas of leadership and customer service. Richard is known as a Results Specialist and Mastermind Innovator. He applies a NO BS approach in order to get the results desired and is also very effective at facilitating mastermind workshops for rapid results. Many Leaders have called him a Leadership Thinker for his ability to empower people to be effective leaders in all areas of their life. He is also the founder and CEO Third Alarm Coffee & Tea, a company that has a strong purpose beyond profit helping firefighters affected by cancer. Richard has served over 20 years in the fire service and currently holds the rank of battalion chief for the fire department. He is a licensed life insurance agent and a real estate investor. He believes that giving back is essential and is a board advisor for two national non-profit organizations.

As a fire chief officer Richard brings a critical thinking background of making life and death decisions in a matter of seconds that will determine success because failure is not an option. Success with these types of decisions is accomplished with a highly trained team working in harmony. Richard believes that a safe and healthy work environment, effective training and proper planning are essential for achieving high success with any organization whether it is life or death decision making, sales, customer service, leadership or organizational culture.

An interesting fact about Richard is that he was a member of a Mexican Boy Band. Richard enjoys golfing, surfing, snow boarding, riding dirt bikes, nature and nice people. Richard is a husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family and giving back anyway he can. Richard is a life long learner and desires to be the best he can and believes life is about progress not perfection


Luis Lopez

Educational Leader, Curriculum Innovator, Master Facilitator

As an educational leader, Luis brings over 15 years of experience as a master facilitator and educational strategist. He has managed and implemented programs that transform organizational culture, helped pave the way for innovative practices , and enhanced organizational performance. Luis believes that any solution can be found through applied learning and inquiry. His divergent approach has helped many small businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations gain insights that helped them grow beyond their limits.

Luis is a multiple award winning educator, has double majors in Sociology/Economics, and double master degrees in cross cultural education and educational technology. Luis has profound love for learning and has had experience working with world leaders on projects that help communities thrive. Luis has spent several years on the advisory board of an international non-profit organization in which he oversaw a broad scope of responsibilities, including increasing the organization’s reach, securing funding for outreach projects, and consulting a regional operation that is supporting one of the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the country. Luis believes that a life of service is the foundation of success and serves as role model for leadership to his community. Luis also loves playing music, is an occasional DJ, and a talented producer. He also loves surfing, learning, spending time with his wife. Luis’ passion is living in the flow and his purpose is to bring 100% success to 100% of humanity.

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